Dreams: a washer and dryer

Friday, 4 September 2009, 14:03 | Category : NYC stories
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Starting your own business and moving to a new city is scary.  It reminds me of when I packed up my things and moved to NYC.  I graduated from the University of Southern MS in May 2003.  From there, I went to Maine to teach at Bates Dance Festival, and move to NYC right after.  I didn’t even come home in between, I even bummed a ride from Maine to NYC with a fellow dancer.  I will never forget that ride!

It was the weekend following the black-out that I packed up my two suitcases (yes TWO, think about it, if you could only take two suitcases somewhere, what would you put in it!) at Bates and jumped in the car with Melanie at 6 am.  My entire family wanted me to come home, they were unsure about the conditions of NYC since the black out…they thought it was too dangerous.  But I didn’t listen, never did, too independent!

I was so nervous the entire drive; I could hardly sleep the week before.  I had no job and I was moving in with two complete strangers.   To me, the apartment was just a red star on mapquest, this was before google satellite.  I knew nothing about Brooklyn or the neighborhood.

When we pulled up to the apartment, Melanie said, oh what a great neighborhood, it is so cute.  I was thinking the exact opposite.  Look at the graffiti, this looks like the hood, where is the yard and tree lined street, I’m not getting out of the car.  However, I got out, grabbed my luggage and drug it up the three flights of stairs.  where’s the elevator was my other thought, come to find out, they don’t really exist in affordable NYC apartment living.

Once in, I thought to myself, three people really live here?  There was hardly enough room for one!  At least I did have the largest room, I could fit a double bed and dresser in my room and have enough space to open the dresser drawers (let me tell you, that is a luxury in NYC!)

My first question upon entering the apartment was, “where is the washer and dryer?”  (laughing sounds).  My next question, “where are the hook ups, I’ll just buy one?” (more laughs)  Let’s just say that to this day, I have only been in one apartment that had a washer and a dryer.  I know the first thing I am buying when I move to NOLA, I will never step foot in a laundry mat again!

As you can see, I survived the neighborhood (which really is a nice one) and survived the city itself for the last six years. In addition, I have also accumulated an apartment full of stuff.  I can’t believe I really moved here with just two suitcases, now I have two truck loads.  I wonder if I can pair it down and start all over again…I’m thinking NOT!  Thank goodness for UHAUL.

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