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I made it back alive! The 3 weeks I spent in Maine felt like 3 months, I did so much everyday.  However, it was a wonderful experience, as always.  I spent the last week sleeping and recouping.

I’ll let you in on a typical day:  staff breakfast meeting at 7:45am, roll call at 9, instructed 2 dance classes (15 minute muffin break in between), rehearsal, lunch (61 children and too much sugar), journaling…then off I go to take my own dance classes. Then an evening of activities, shows, and more meetings!

I had the pleasure of studying with two of my favorite teachers, Katleen Hermesdorf and Jennifer Arichibald.  Kathleen teaches what I like to call modern upside down.  It is an amazing class full of energy and the best live music from Albert Mathias.  They are based in San Fran and you can find them on the web.  Jennifer is based in New York City and I attend her class off and on.  She taught a hip hop Rep class, which is a class where you learn dance material for the finale performance.

I am proud to say that at 30, I performed my hip hop debut and I was good!  I rocked it out, I found my swagger, and I hit it hard! You would not be able to recognize me.I

The three weeks was a lot of hard work and lots of fun.  It is a great escape for me to leave NYC for the country side and spend my days teaching and dancing.  It reminds me of what I really love to do.  I have been apart of the Youth Arts Program (YAP) and Lewiston Maine for nine years, it seems like a second home.  I have watched so many children grow up and become unique and strong individuals.  One of my past students stopped by to say HI.  He is now in college, studying guitar, and credits YAP for his interest in music.  Doesn’t that make you all gushy inside?

I really feel my job with YAP has had so much impact on the community and its youth.    Each year, I leave the program feeling so lucky to be part of it, the experience gives me such fullfillment and joy.  The sort of joy you get by doing something positive that makes a difference in someone’s day, week, or life.  Or when someone does something nice for you, like when you go to get your laundry out of the dryer and you find that someone has folded it for you!

Ok so enough sappy stuff…go do something nice for someone and let a child know you care!  Sometimes encouragement and confidence is all that is needed.

PS-as soon as my computer is fixed, I’ll start uploading pictures and such!

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