Bird Doo and dinner for 2, under $5

Wednesday, 29 April 2009, 20:57 | Category : Bali Trip
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Wednesday night we went back to our favorite café, Kesuma Kafe, on Sanur beach to watch the sunset again.  Our dinner was at Mertasari, and it was the best food we have eaten since I have been here.  We had fish curry and these amazing veggies: cabbage, bok choy, and bean sprouts in a spicy sauce. 


The veggies were so delicious, we had them in an omelet on Thursday morning, we spent some time on the beach relaxing and resting.  After lunch, we went to the market in Sukawati to buy Adam another shirt, he bought one a couple days ago and liked it so much he wanted another.  Then we went to Mas which is a village known for wood carving.  It is just store after store of all these beautiful wood carvings.  My favorites were ones carved out of the roots system.  All the carvers learn the art from their parents, truly amazing works.  Even the student’s work was so intricate. 


Adam is doing a report for school on the white heron; it just so happens that white herons nest in a little village called Petulu on the island of Bali.  We went to visit the village around 6pm to witness all the herons flying in to nest for the evening.  Wayan dropped us off at the top of the village and we walked down, dodging bird doo along the way.  It is like an obstacle course getting through there without any doo on you; however it is considered good luck if you do get the doo.  Me and Adam are lucky people, but not too lucky.  I think Adam should have just stood under a tree and get a doo shower because we all know he needs all the luck he can get. 


When we returned to Sanur, we stopped in at Jimmy’s Bar and Café to take a break and use a clean toilet before dinner.  Jimmy’s turned out to be the local Aussie and American hang out.  As we sat there, more and more older single men sat down for a drink.  Most of them came here on vacation and decided just to stay.  Also, since we are American, we were updated on the latest American Idol contestants.  The Aussie was so excited to have someone to talk about it with; too bad we don’t watch it.  As we are sitting there getting our update, the power goes out in the whole neighborhood.  We are told this is a usual occurrence and should last about 2-3 hours.  We are worried about our dinner plans because we chose to brave the night market again since it was so good last time.  Actually it turns out, the Sanur night market is so much better in the dark.  Everything is candle lit and it is not so crowded, or maybe the grimy feel just hides in the darkness.  Cheapest romantic dinner we have ever had, for about $4.70 we ate fried lele, tami goreng, and shared a large bintang.  It was a night we will always remember!

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